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Ischaemic heart disease or coronary heart disease (CHD) is the biggest killer in the world today.  It is responsible for more than 73,000 deaths in the UK per year and in the United States, 610,000 deaths each year are caused by CHD, that’s 1 death in every 4 people. It is the scourge of the masses and many of these death are unnecessary and could be avoided.
Statistics chart courtesy of World Health Organisation

We all know we have to eat healthily and exercise regularly but often this will not be enough to keep our hearts healthy.  The role of Magnesium in heart disease has been mostly ignored, perhaps the reason is the preponderance towards taking drugs to control symptoms of any disease. Unfortunately, keeping the body healthy through natural vitamins and minerals seems to be looked upon as a sort of fad. This is really quite ridiculous as these natural substances have evolved within our bodies over thousands of years. Now, in this modern day and age, these essential nutrients have diminished drastically from our soils due to pestacides and fertilizers and other agricultural practices in an attempt to increase crop yields to feed the masses. Apart from that, we are fed various junk foods that help deplete the good nutrients within WHO dataour bodies and in some cases, positively do us harm and actually cause some of the diseases we suffer from. Stress is our biggest problem in relation to Magnesium depletion. It has been proven by the pioneering researcher Mildred Seelig, who spent 50 years researching Magnesium, that  there is a direct link between stress and Magnesium. Her findings demonstrated that exposure to stress and the resulting depletion of Magnesium levels in the muscular tissue of the heart causes damage, allowing Calcium into the interior of the heart cells where it does not belong. This depletion, if not rectified, results in heart cell death.

Out of all the compounds we need to keep healthy, there is one than shines. It is the metallic element known as Magnesium, a truly miraculous element and one you ignore at your peril. Magnesium deficiency is suffered by the majority of the population, not that the population necessarily knows about it. It would be very rare that your doctor would prescribe it, or even know about its benefits. If you went to your doctor about your Insomnia, the only medication he would give you would probably be sleeping pills or some other drug, despite the fact that Magnesium is the most natural sleeping aid your could take AND IT WORKS.

Heart disease being such a killer is where I have started but I also want to list below all the ailments and diseases that a deficiency in Magnesium will affect. If you suffer with any of these ailments, Magnesium supplementation will help and in some cases cure.  Magnesium controls so much of the bodies functions and in a way, that is it’s Achilles’ heel.  People new to the benefits of Magnesium just can’t believe that it can have such an effect on such a multitude of different illnesses and so they think it’s a fad. Believe you me, this is no fad, this is your health and your life we’re talking about here.  What have you got to lose, it is a necessary and completely harmless mineral.  You need it as much as you need water, it is fundamental to your health and odds are you are very depleated in it. If you’re as fit as a fiddle, good for you, but you still need Magnesium so you can stay that way. If you’re finding that as time goes by, you’re getting niggling aches and pains, you can’t sleep, you have back ache, you suffer constipation and/or  diarrhoea, you have no energy etc., just take some Magnesium and see what happens. Types of supplementation and the best foods to eat are on this website.

Main Diseases Related to Magnesium Deficiency

As this website progresses, I shall insert separate pages for different diseases and cover them more thoroughly. For the moment, I list below the diseases that will be affected and in some cases be caused by Magnesium deficiency.

Alzheimer’s Disease – more than 10% of the population over 65 years and 50% over the age of 85 years suffer from Alzheimer’s. It has been estimated that nearly half of people are mis-diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, information gained at autopsy.  Those assumed to have the disease may actually have other forms of dementias caused by simple treatable conditions like dehydration, intoxication from prescription drugs, food allergies and nutrient deficiencies. Mercury and aluminium excess in the brain is associated strongly with Alzheimers. Magnesium will help detoxify heavy metals, even ones as poisonous as mercury. If Magnesium is deficient in the brain, aluminium is able to replace it, mimicking its function and causing harm. This leaves calcium channels open in the brain nerve cells, allowing it to flood in causing cell death.
Arthritis – There is evidence to suggest that joint inflammation starts with Magnesium deficiency.  Steriods or other drugs are often prescribed when Magnesium supplementation or topical use is shown to be more beneficial and without side effects.
Asthma – There is evidence through research that patients with asthma have low magnesium levels. Many prescription drugs used to treat asthma actually deplete magnesium further, making symptoms worse. Those treated with magnesium supplements show a considerable improvment in their symptoms.
Atherosclerosis – studies have shown that the risks for coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis increases as magnesium levels decrease.
Bowel Disease – Magnesium deficiency slows down the movements of the bowel causing sluggish digestion which can lead to toxicity, malabsorption of nutrients and colitis.
Cerebral Palsy – A study has shown that Magnesium Sulphate given to mothers shortly before giving birth, reduced the prevalence of cerebral palsy by about 90% and reduced the likelihood of mental retardation by about 70%. It is speculated that magnesium plays a role in brain development and can prevent the possibility of cerebral haemorrhage in low-weight and/or preterm babies.
Diabetes – You cannot make or secrete insulin without Mg. There are 16 million diabetics in the US alone and this disease is the 7th leading cause of death in the US.
Heart Disease
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Kidney Disease
Parkinson’s Disease
Raynaud’s Syndrome

Other Ailments & Conditions

Acid Reflux & Indigestion
Adrenal Fatigue
Back Pain
Blood Clots
Brain Dysfunction
Brain Fog
Burning as in Nerves
Cholesterol levels
Dysmenorrhea (Cramping during Menses)
Female Infertility
Gastrointestinal Spasms and Cramps
Gall Bladder Spasms
Gall Stones
Kidney Stones
Male Infertility
Migraine – see the Migraine page.
Muscle Cramps
Muscle Spasms
Muscle Weakness
Neck Pain
Paralysis and Sensitivity
Pre-eclampsia and Eclampsia in Pregnancy
Premature Contractions in Pregnancy
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
Seizures and Convulsions
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
Sports Injuries including Lactic Acid Buildup
Tooth Decay
Toxic Stress


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