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Asthma and Children

asthma childHave you ever wondered why so many children seem to get asthma nowadays?  Is it just a coincidence that the numbers are going up? ‘Asthma and Children’ discusses the direct correlation between asthma and what we eat and the nutrients that are available, or should I say unavailable, in our modern diet. Continue reading Asthma and Children

Calcium Supplements = Heart Disease

calcification heartAs I was speaking of the dangers of too much Calcium (Ca) in my last post and as excess Ca is lethal, I want to give you an idea of where Ca can land up in our bodies.  If it is NOT laid down in our bones as most of it should be, this is what can happen.  The following images give an idea of the effects of a Ca overload on your heart and the rest of your body.  99% of Ca should be in your bones with just 1% in your cells, soft tissue and bloodstream. To start, here is a three dimensional CTA data set showing calcifications in coronary arteries. Continue reading Calcium Supplements = Heart Disease

What is the Best Calcium Supplement for Women?

Calcium SweetsHere’s a common question – ‘What is the best calcium supplement for women?’  Well actually, the best calcium supplement for women, or anyone else for that matter, is probably not calcium at all!  The correlation between two vital minerals, calcium (Ca) and magnesium(Mg), is so important that I want to tell you about the serious significance of an imbalance between these two alkaline metals. Continue reading What is the Best Calcium Supplement for Women?

High cholesterol and diet

cholesterolHas your doctor told you your cholesterol is too high?  Are you now trying to decide what the best diet is to reduce your cholesterol levels?  Have you been put onto a statin drug?  Is high cholesterol and diet connected?

This post will give you a healthy alternative to reducing and stabilizing your cholesterol.

When it all started

Continue reading High cholesterol and diet