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CDC Immunization Schedule

I read that New York State has a law which prohibits a child going to school without being up to date with all his/her vaccinations. In effect vaccines are mandatory if you have a child living in NYS.  Upon looking further, it appears the whole of the US has these mandatory laws, which I find horrendous and a breach of civil rights.  California, Mississippi and West

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Vitamin K and Newborns

Vit K shotMy last article spoke briefly of a little known supplement that is given to newborns, mostly worldwide, by way of a shot or an oral supplement.  Vitamin K and Newborn is about the injection for vitamin K1 and it is causing a lot of controversy.  I would like to give you the lowdown on this vaccination so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you have your newborn injected, that’s if you are given the choice! Continue reading Vitamin K and Newborns