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What is Calcification?

Part 2

This is Part 2 of What is calcification?  If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.

To calcify or not to calcify, that is the question

The Calcium (Ca) that is in your bones and teeth is mineralised ie. calcified but the Ca in your soft tissues, muscles, organs etc., should be in a dissolved ionic form.  With enough Magnesium (Mg), Ca will be controlled and shepherded into its appropriate places within the body.  Mineralised for the bones and teeth and ionised for its vital functions in the soft tissues in particular in cell physiology and cellular processes.

What happens when Ca is calcified instead of ionised?

Coronary Calcium Scan
Cr: National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute

Take a look at this heart scan.  This is known as a coronary calcium scan.  It is an Xray which creates a detailed picture of the heart and is used to predict your future risk of heart disease.
This image proves that we already have the capacity to find out if someone has any calcification within their heart or arteries.  Calcifications are an early sign of coronary heart disease (CHD) and if this was your heart, what would you be doing about it?  This is also proof that this patient has a Mg deficiency because if he/she hadn’t, the heart would not be exhibiting calcifications.  I wonder where else in this persons body calcification has set in.  Perhaps the kidneys, the gall bladder, the carotid arteries, the bladder, the breasts, the brain? Continue reading What is Calcification?

What is Calcification?

Part 1

What is Calcification? This is somewhat a follow up post from my last blog ‘Calcium Supplements for Heart Disease?‘   I received a heart rending comment from a young man whose father had been rushed to hospital last week with heart disease which was so serious, his dad almost died.

Calcium, calcium and more calcium

Calcium CapletsHe went on to say that the family had always consumed lots of dairy products and regularly used supplements to make sure their vitamins and minerals were topped up and especially that they had plenty of Calcium (Ca).  Here is an outwardly healthy man in his early 60s who has never had a sign of heart disease.  50% of those who die of heart disease have no symptoms.(1)  Their heart attack is the first and last symptom they have.  This is a shocking figure and goes to prove there’s something really amiss here. Continue reading What is Calcification?