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Prostate? You may want a second opinion!

fake researchNot all research is equal

Prostate problems?  I do a lot of research before writing my articles and there’s one thing I really have to watch out for.  Modern research is very suspect. You have to be really careful that the studies you are citing do not have a conflict of interest Continue reading Prostate? You may want a second opinion!

Natural Remedies – Migraines

migrain drugsHome Remedies – Migraine Headaches

Most people prefer to try and find a natural remedy for their ailments.  Natural or home remedies for migraine headaches are often overlooked in favour of using a drug.  This is because most people are so desperate to find relief for this notoriously debilitating condition that they seek the help of a doctor of medic. Continue reading Natural Remedies – Migraines

Today – Free Samples! for UK readers

Mg cubeToday – Monday 18th free samples of Mg Chloride or Mg Citrate.  I will be giving out free samples of one of two of the best magnesium (Mg) supplement available IMHO.  I’m sorry I can only do this for UK residents because of the postage costs.

  1. Mg Chloride solution.  This supplement has the highest bio availability of all the Mgs you can buy.  If your digestive system is regular ie. no constipation then I think this is  the best supplement on the market.
  2. Mg Citrate powder.  This supplement is excellent if you have issues with constipation which is a common side effect of Mg deficiency, especially in young children and the older generation.

Continue reading Today – Free Samples! for UK readers

Ionic Magnesium Drops

Ionic MgI came across some customer reviews about Magnesium Chloride solution, this one being “Ionic Magnesium Drops” sold by Good State.  I don’t think it really matters which Mg Chloride liquid you take, they are all comparable and Mg Chloride is the most bioavailable Mg supplement having a ‘stability constant value’ (SCV) of zero (the lower the value the better).  As prices go “Ionic Magnesium” is one of the cheapest.


Now for those of you who are wimps when taking pills and potions, this solution is not the best tasting.  But it can easily be disguised with a little cordial or juice, whichever suits you.  You must always take a dose of the solution in a glass of water, at least 250ml.  A dose is 1/2 teaspoon or 2.5ml.   Don’t take it neat, you’ll be sorry!  I must say, it’s usually the boys who complain about the taste, us girls usually just get on with it! Continue reading Ionic Magnesium Drops