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How To Sleep Well – Mg is the answer!

One of the side effects of losing a loved one can be lack of sleep.  How to sleep well started to evade me when my late husband died in 2006,   I seemed to be awake day and night and nothing I did or took helped.

Mg how to sleep wellHow to sleep well with Magnesium

When you are under stress, you actually use up more of your nutrients and there is one nutrient in particular, which will stop you sleeping if it is depleted.  That nutrient is the amazing mineral we all know as Magnesium (Mg). Continue reading How To Sleep Well – Mg is the answer!

Magnesium and Insomnia

I suffered from insomnia since 2006 when my late husband passed away.  I would go to bed so tired and actually sleep for about an hour.  Then I would wake up and be awake for the rest of the night.  By the morning, I was so exhausted, I could hardly get out of bed.  I was always grumpy and had little incentive to do anything and had to really push myself to do my work.  It was debilitating and frustrating and I became really depressed from it.  This was apart from all the other niggling conditions I was contracting.  The insomnia though, was the worst symptom I had and after years of not sleeping, it was affecting my health. Continue reading Magnesium and Insomnia