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Learn about magnesium and insomnia, magnesium andChesWA blood pressure, magnesium for heart arrhythmia. Magnesium can help you with many health problems in a natural way without side effects and without drugs.

This could be the first day of a new healthy you. This site will show you how you can change your life by taking control of your own body. My task is to convince you why this amazing element will help you be in the best health for the genes you were born with.

If you have any of the diseases that are listed within this website, taking Magnesium can help you. It could even stop the symptoms that you are suffering from and give you a better quality of life. Let’s face it, good health for you and your loved ones is the most important asset we can have in our lives. It is more important than money, success, material possessions and anything else you may think is important. Without good health, you will have little chance of enjoying the money, success and material possessions you may have.

This miracle mineral has been with us and has been immensely important for our bodies, throughout the whole of our evolution but now we are suffering because the majority of the population is depleated in this most important element. Serious diseases could be avoided if you just make sure you have all the magnesium you need in your body to keep it in the best health possible.

Look around this site and you will no doubt find something that rings true about your health. Perhaps you have High Blood Pressure or Back-Pain caused by Muscle Spasms. Do you have bouts of Insomnia or perhaps you get Heart Palpitations regularly. Do you have Digestion problems such as Constipation or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The more serious problems that Magnesium Deficiency can cause are Heart Disease, Atherosclerosis, Stroke, Angina, Diabetes, Kidney Stones, the list goes on.

a single, gas-phase Magnesium-ATP Credit Gaussian09 and Gaussview 5.0.8.

Magnesium is so important for so many functions within the human body or within any body come to that, be it animal or plant.  For humans, it has been found to be a cofactor for up to 800 enzymes and counting. Perhaps the most important function of Mg is it is a cofactor the the enzyme ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is created in the mitochondria, the source of energy in our cells of which we have around 100 trillion. ATP must be bound to a magnesium ion (MgATP) to be biologically active.  No Mg, no ATP, no energy, no movement, no life. If your depletion of Mg gets to a critical level then you will slowly grind to a halt but on the way, you will feel unwell, achy, depressed, lethargic and that’s if you don’t come down with more serious illnesses. Please do yourself a favour, check out this site and do some research. A good book to buy to get really genned up would be Dr. Carolyn Dean’s ‘The Magnesium Miracle’. What this lady doesn’t know about Magnesium is not worth knowing!

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Welcome to Magnesium and Health
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Welcome to Magnesium and Health
An introduction to the benefits of magnesium supplementation to alleviate the symptoms of heart disease, stroke, arterial plaque, diabetes, fibromyalgia etc., and in many cases avoiding these diseases altogether.

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    1. Thank you for reading the post and I’m so pleased you liked the site. This site was actually done through WordPress and the theme is Twenty Thirteen. If you want to really do yourself a favour, look at Wealthy Affiliate, they use WordPress as part of their site and if you are interest in IM at all, you couldn’t go to a better place, perhaps I’ll see you there? Ches

  1. Hello, and Thanks a LOT for this site!
    I am a big fan of healthy eating and great supplement, and I fully support this site and your knowledge.
    Looking forward to read more from you.

    All the best!
    Live, Laugh, Love
    Linda 🙂

    1. Hi Linda and thanks for reading the post. I’m pleased you’re genned up on supplements. I have yet to explain about the best magnesium supplements, working on that today, watch this space! Ches

    1. Hi there, I’m with you on that one. The internet has a wealth of info as long as you check for yourself that the information is correct as sometimes misinformation can get copied. In the case of Magnesium, you can be assured that this website will give you all the latest info on it and it will be correct. Good health to you.

  2. I am not sure where you’re getting your information, but great topic.

    I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more.
    Thanks for magnificent info I was looking for this information for my mission.

    1. I have been studying Magnesium and its benefits since coming across it by accident and improving my health dramatically because of it. I am proof that Magnesium will help your quality of life. It has changed my life and my health for the better.

    1. Thanks Yvette, This page has been set up to help all those that have problems with their health due to Magnesium deficiency. I hope you find it useful and it will be expanded upon to cover all illnesses that can be helped with supplementing Magnesium not least Heart Disease, Stroke and Atherosclerosis. Be well.

    2. Hi there, as your comment seems to be about student loans I think you may be on the wrong site. But never mind, if you value your health, have a look at this site and learn about your body and what it needs to stay healthy. Magnesium is one nutrient you CANNOT do without. Check it out! Be well.

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