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Aspartame Dangers Part 2

aspartame productsIn part 2 of Aspartame Dangers, we will look at the Bressler Report and then the shady attempts to get aspartame approved.  As we know these duplicitous tactics have worked and now aspartame is consumed by billions of people worldwide.  How many, I wonder, are suffering because of their instake of this chemical, not realising what’s making them sick.  Here is Part 1 and Part 3 Continue reading Aspartame Dangers Part 2

Aspartame Dangers

aspartame sodasHow much aspartame do you consume?

How often do you drink a diet coke or other diet sodas?  How many times a week do you eat a sugar free yoghurt?   How about aspartame flavoured cereal, chewing gum, puddings, cakes, juices or one of the other 6,000 products that contain aspartame?  Aspartame dangers will go into how this chemical affects your body.  If you have time, take a look at this video:  (See Part 2 and Part 3 of this trilogy).

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