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Flight Safety – Epilogue

Further to my trilogy Flight Safety, Flight Safety – Pilot Error and Flight Safety – Aircraft Accidents of 2015, I have found some interesting research which could actually back up the suspicion of aspartame causing neurological and psychiatric problems for pilots.

Pilot depression research

Although this research particularly concentrates on depression and suicidal thoughts that pilots suffer from, the fact that so many pilots are admitting to these conditions could be a sign that some are in fact ingesting aspartame on a regular basis which would exacerbate or even cause their conditions. Continue reading Flight Safety – Epilogue

Flight Safety – Pilot Error?

Clayton Osbon
Captain Clayton Osbon

In Flight Safety Part 1, I covered how the side effects of aspartame could actually cause problems for pilots and crew and consequently be a hazard for all those onboard a flight.  Captain Clayton Osbon suffered a mental episode and has now lost his livelihood and has been vilified and treated abominably because of an illness that was not his fault.  How unfair!(See Part 3 and the Epilogue here) Continue reading Flight Safety – Pilot Error?

Flight Safety

pilotsHave you ever wondered about the health of the pilot that’s flying the plane you’re on?  Flight safety considers the effects on pilots from ingesting diet sodas, gums and other diet foods. (see Part 2 Pilot Error, Part 3 Aircraft Accidents of 2015 and the Epilogue)

I’m talking specifically about aspartame which seems to be the artificial sweetener of choice, despite the fact that it was passed by the FDA under a cloud of fraud, misdemeanour and deception in the days when Donald Rumsfeld was CEO of the then owner of aspartame G D Searle. Continue reading Flight Safety