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Calcium Supplements for Heart Disease?

Do you want heart disease?

Coronary plaque
Coronary Heart Disease Cr. Blausen

Calcium supplements for heart disease?  Well, if you want to increase your risk of getting heart disease, you can take Calcium (Ca) supplements!  Perhaps you would like to contract type 2 diabetes or be more at risk of having a stroke.  How about kidney stones, do you fancy them.  Take it from me, they are excruciatingly painful!

You may think I’m being frivolous here, but I want you to take heed because many of us are taking extra Ca by way of supplements, despite getting plenty of it through our diet.  For those of you who eat a ‘normal’ diet which includes dairy, yoghurt, milk products, cheese, butter etc., please read this post and take action for your own health and the health of your loved ones.  Take action now for your future well-being and a better chance of living a long and healthy life. Continue reading Calcium Supplements for Heart Disease?