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Vitamin K2 benefits – avoiding calcification

You may have heard of vitamin K.  Perhaps you’ve even heard of vitamin K2.  But how many of you have heard of vitamin K2 MK-7?  Let me tell you about vitamin K2 benefits.  Be enlightened as to how this mostly unknown vitamin appears to be vital, especially in helping to regress arterial calcification.

Calcification heralds heart disease

vitamin K2 benefits

In artery and heart cells, if calcium levels are too high within a cell, the cell actually changes physically and will die.  Excess calcium makes for stiffness and hardening and if soft tissue hardens it is a real problem, the problem of calcification.  This calcification impedes proper functioning and heralds the advancement of heart disease.  The correct balance of calcium to magnesium will counteract this calcification. Continue reading Vitamin K2 benefits – avoiding calcification