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Aspartame Dangers – Part 2

aspartame products
In part 2 of Aspartame Dangers, we will look at the Bressler Report and then the shady attempts to get aspartame approved.  As we know these duplicitous tactics have worked and now aspartame is consumed by billions of people worldwide.  How many, I wonder, are suffering because of their instake of this chemical, not realising what’s making them sick.  Here is Part 1 and Part 3  Continue reading Aspartame Dangers – Part 2

Aspartame Dangers – this will shock you!

aspartame sodasAspartame Dangers will shock you!

Do you drink a diet coke or other diet sodas?  How many  sugar free yoghurts do you eat?   Read Aspartame Dangers and be shocked. What about aspartame flavoured cereal, chewing gum, puddings, cakes, juices or one of the other 6,000 products that contain aspartame?  Aspartame Dangers will go into how this chemical affects your body.  If you have time, take a look at this video:  (See Part 2 and Part 3 of this trilogy). Continue reading Aspartame Dangers – this will shock you!

Murder by Methanol – Update, Diane has been released!

Diane Fleming Murder Case

Murder by methanol looks at the Diane Fleming murder case.  She was convicted of murder and got 30 years for poisoning her husband with methanol and 20 years for adulteration of a substance with methanol.

Despite overwhelming additional expert evidence of her innocence, Diane Fleming is still locked up, with no hope of a retrial.  Misdemeanours by the prosecution add to the farce and the possible wrong diagnosis by the hospital and hence the likely wrong treatment which led to Chuck’s death.   An inefficient and incomplete autopsy added to this saga, with the medical examiner not checking and reporting on levels of formic acid, nor for optic nerve damage, despite these conditions being the known symptoms of methanol poisoning.

UPDATE…Diane has been released, see the end of the article

Continue reading Murder by Methanol – Update, Diane has been released!

Do Diet Sodas Make You Gain Weight?

Surely we don’t have to ask the question “Do diet sodas make you gain weight?” How often do we see an advert for a diet coke, diet pepsi, diet soda and it makes the claim ‘no sugar, no calories’ and you think, great this will help a long way towards my diet regime.  I can have as many diet drinks as I want and I won’t put on any weight.  There’s no calories in diet drinks so no calories means no weight, doesn’t it?

Think again

If your diet drink says no calories, then the sweetness that it has to have, to make it pallatable to you, will likely be artificial.  Now here’s the rub.  Are artificial sweeteners safe to consume, especially if consumed in quite high quantities?  If you are drinking diet sodas day in and day out and eating foods that have sweeteners added to them by the food manufacturers, will you have side effects? Continue reading Do Diet Sodas Make You Gain Weight?