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Blood Pressure : what drugs are you on? Part 2

hypertensionPart 2

This is Part 2 of Blood Pressure : what drugs are you on?  Suffice to say, the list of drugs for high blood pressure is extensive so I am just covering what I consider to be the most commonly prescribed.

In part one of this article, diuretics were described along with their extensive side effects. The next most common BP drugs would be CCBs (calcium channel blockers) and ACEIs (angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors) which we will look at in this part.  But first, another story from Dr Carolyn Dean. Continue reading Blood Pressure : what drugs are you on? Part 2

Blood Pressure : what drugs are you on?

diureticsWhat drugs are you on?

The array of different high blood pressure drugs being prescribed today are increasing year on year.  There seem to be so many for a doctor to choose from.  Is your doctor giving you the best treatment for your blood pressure?

What drugs are you on?  I am going to go through the most common high blood pressure (hypertension) drugs that are being prescribed today.  Some of them have some serious side effects which possibly many patients don’t know about. Continue reading Blood Pressure : what drugs are you on?

Drug Side Effects

Big Pharma Death by Medicine

I have been reading a book by Dr Carolyn Dean, based on a review ‘Death by Medicine’ done in 2006.  As the title suggests, modern medicine is now causing more harm than good with drugs being administered willy nilly by medical practioners, prompted by the greedy efforts of big pharma.  Doctors do not have the time to go through every drug that comes onto the market and believe you me the numbers are staggering.  Their only recourse is to trust that the pharmaceutical companies that are touting drugs, have the patients’ best interests at heart.  But they must know, as do we, that Big Pharma has become unscrupulous when it comes to profits, with many suffering and dying because of it.  The medical profession has to get its head out of the sand and stand up for their patients! Continue reading Drug Side Effects