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Statin Drugs and Side Effects

The hype about statin drugs to reduce cholesterol is increasing by the day.  But what is the real truth about these best selling and most profitable drugs ever created?  This post ‘Statin drugs and side effects’ looks into it further.

statin side effectsStudy reveals the dangers of statin Drugs

A new study has been published revealing that statins do NOT decrease atherosclerosis and that the drugs may actually be exacerbating and stimulating atherosclerosis and heart failure.  The reason given in the research are numerous, the major ones being: Continue reading Statin Drugs and Side Effects

Drug Side Effects – Trust me I’m a doctor!

This is part two (see part 1 here) of an ongoing article about overmedication by drug pushing doctors, drug side effects and Big Pharma who seem to be at the hub of almost anything to do with health and not in a good way.  Big Pharma’s corruption is having a knock on effect across the whole of the medical fraternity and the public need to stop being so trusting and start asking questions! Continue reading Drug Side Effects – Trust me I’m a doctor!

Drug Side Effects

Big Pharma Death by Medicine

I have been reading a book by Dr Carolyn Dean, based on a review ‘Death by Medicine’ done in 2006.  As the title suggests, modern medicine is now causing more harm than good with drugs being administered willy nilly by medical practioners, prompted by the greedy efforts of big pharma.  Doctors do not have the time to go through every drug that comes onto the market and believe you me the numbers are staggering.  Their only recourse is to trust that the pharmaceutical companies that are touting drugs, have the patients’ best interests at heart.  But they must know, as do we, that Big Pharma has become unscrupulous when it comes to profits, with many suffering and dying because of it.  The medical profession has to get its head out of the sand and stand up for their patients! Continue reading Drug Side Effects

Do Diet Sodas Make You Gain Weight?

Surely we don’t have to ask the question “Do diet sodas make you gain weight?” How often do we see an advert for a diet coke, diet pepsi, diet soda and it makes the claim ‘no sugar, no calories’ and you think, great this will help a long way towards my diet regime.  I can have as many diet drinks as I want and I won’t put on any weight.  There’s no calories in diet drinks so no calories means no weight, doesn’t it?

Think again

If your diet drink says no calories, then the sweetness that it has to have, to make it pallatable to you, will likely be artificial.  Now here’s the rub.  Are artificial sweeteners safe to consume, especially if consumed in quite high quantities?  If you are drinking diet sodas day in and day out and eating foods that have sweeteners added to them by the food manufacturers, will you have side effects? Continue reading Do Diet Sodas Make You Gain Weight?