Blood Pressure : what drugs are you on? Part 2

hypertensionPart 2

This is Part 2 of Blood Pressure : what drugs are you on?  Suffice to say, the list of drugs for high blood pressure is extensive so I am just covering what I consider to be the most commonly prescribed.

In part one of this article, diuretics were described along with their extensive side effects. The next most common BP drugs would be CCBs (calcium channel blockers) and ACEIs (angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors) which we will look at in this part.  But first, another story from Dr Carolyn Dean. Continue reading Blood Pressure : what drugs are you on? Part 2

Blood Pressure : what drugs are you on?

diureticsWhat drugs are you on?

The array of different high blood pressure drugs being prescribed today are increasing year on year.  There seem to be so many for a doctor to choose from.  Is your doctor giving you the best treatment for your blood pressure?

What drugs are you on?  I am going to go through the most common high blood pressure (hypertension) drugs that are being prescribed today.  Some of them have some serious side effects which possibly many patients don’t know about. Continue reading Blood Pressure : what drugs are you on?

What Is Type 3 Diabetes?

What is type 3 diabetes?  We all know there are two main types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2.  There is also the transient gestational diabetes which only affects women during pregnancy.  But now diabetes is being linked with Alzheimer’s and it’s being called type 3. Are you at risk?

The path to diabetes

The path to diabetes is a complex and often long one.  Many people start on the road to this disease from an early age.  Whilst we’re young, our bodies can mostly compensate and cope with the stupidity of consuming rubbish food with a vengeance, regularly bingeing on alcohol and sodas, smoking and using recreational drugs and  taking in a plethora of poisons and toxins.  Now take a look at this 2 minute video.

Continue reading What Is Type 3 Diabetes?

Calcium and Magnesium

mineral balanceThe correlation between Calcium and Magnesium, these two vital minerals, is so important that I wanted you to understand the serious significance of an imbalance between the two.  In these modern times and with our modern diet, the imbalance is invariably too much Ca and too little Mg. Continue reading Calcium and Magnesium